Plugins - Western States Zonal Forum BMLT Server

This directory contains WordPress plugins for use by areas and regions in WSZF, and anyone else who might find them useful.

Bread Virtual Meeting Extension

This plugin extension modifies the behavior of bread for virtual meetings that are replacing an in-person meeting. The default presentation in bread for these meetings is potentially misleading, since it may be easy to overlook the TC key and go to a closed meeting location.

Version 1.1 of this extension provides several options for fixing those listings:

  1. Add a note in front of the facility name: Currently online only -- normally at
  2. Remove the facility name altogether, as well as the TC format
  3. Don't change anything

Option 1 is closer to what crouton does. Option 2 saves space on the printed schedule. For options 1 and 2 this extension also removes any additional location information, the street address, and bus information, since none of this is needed to get to a virtual meeting.

Option 3 is mostly useful for multisite environments -- otherwise it would be weird to be using this plugin at all.

There is a top-level administration menu item “Meeting List Extn” to select the option. Making it a top-level menu is weird, but seems to be the best of various bad choices. Putting it under “Meeting List” (the bread menu) would be plausible, except that this option isn't saved as part of the bread configuration, making it easy to overlook. (Having bread save it would require some additional hooks in bread itself -- easier would be to just add this functionality to bread.) Putting it under “Settings” would normally be good, except that bread uses a top-level menu item, and it seems like this one would get lost there.